The AFCC plays a pivotal role in providing essential Indigenous cultural based programs and services to a growing Calgary urban Indigenous population.

Below are some of the services & events we offer:


Community Connections Program

AFCC has entered into our second year as a Community Connections Partner with Telus Spark!

Call 403-270-7379 ext. 231 for information.

Housing Services

The AFCC housing team provides permanent, supportive housing for Aboriginal singles. To transition from Homelessness is not an easy process and Case Management Support is provided to participants. Clients engage Case Managers to assist them in planning goals to help them fulfill their personal vision that leads to independence and community involvement. AFCC's Elder Coordinator works to offer cultural support to people of all ages by utilizing community Elders, offering drumming & singing circles, and purification ceremonies; the main goal being to empower those who seek support.  The Elder Coordinator also works in community schools and organizations to re-educate students and faculty about First Nations and help to eradicate common misconceptions.
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Cultural Programs

AFCC offers the following as part of the Cultural Reconnection Program: Ceremony-Based Learning, Moccasin Making Courses, Medicine Courses, Hide Tanning Courses, and Beading; all of which are led by Elders or Knowledge Keepers who are committed to teaching proper protocol and sharing their knowledge with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Check our Calendar of Events for upcoming programs!

Client Services

Clients have the opportunity to engage in support services such as crisis support, individual support, group support and referrals.  Participation in AFCC Cultural Activities such as smudges, sweats, and Elder home visits are encouraged.

Outreach / Cultural Reconnection Program

AFCC Outreach Services are provided by two outreach workers who connect with Aboriginal homeless individuals by visiting shelters, other homeless-serving organizations, and meeting people on the street. Once an intake and assessment of needs is completed, support services such as referrals to emergency shelter, the food bank, social services, and long term housing, as well as information on cultural services, such as their weekly sweat lodge, can be provided.

Youth Drumming Program

On the third Wednesday of every month, from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM,  youth aged 6-17 years come together with their parents/guardians to learn the fundamentals of the drum,  be guided in making  their own drums, and to learn how to sing and drum as part of a group.


Eagle Spirit Survivors Group

This is a free luncheon held at the CommunityWise Resource Centre or The Alex Community Food Centre every Wednesday. The objective is to bring the Urban Indigenous community together to pray & smudge, with drumming & singing, and to share a meal in good company.

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